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If you are confident that our society does work, and you are aware of the new dangers then read no more.

Personally, I believe that human society is a mess.  But I believe it can be made to work, if the new social technology does not destroy it first.

Briefly, I propose the use of high-tech software based on profound mathematical principles to make fundamental changes in how society is organized.  The technical details are discussed on other pages in my large network of websites.  This site is concerned with the creation and administration of a non-profit organization to coordinate the implementation and application of this software.

It takes several people to create a non-profit organization.  Where I live, that number is 15.  I am seeking at least that many people willing to become involved in this.

Little happens without money.  It would have been quite possible for me to solicit funds to support my own work on this, but I have not and will not do so.  I have spent a lot of money on websites and other things to get this underway, but will not seek any recompense.  What I would like is to see more money spent, more than I can afford myself.  For that purpose, it is important to solicit donations, but I will not do this myself.  Any attempt to fund this work must be done through the organization to be formed.

Although volunteer work creating software will be important, the first use of donated money should be to advertise this project and seek help with it.

Here is a summary of the steps I envision to start Making Society Work.

  • Create a non-profit organization devoted to making society work, and do the obvious:
    • define its goals more precisely
    • recruit management people to, well, manage things
    • advertise for volunteer help
    • advertise for donations
  • Create the Social Systems Project Organization and do the same:
    • define its goals, a subset of those for the parent organization
    • recruit management people, including some from the parent organization
    • advertise for volunteer help, also including some from the parent organization
    • advertise that donations should be given to either the parent organization, or this one, or both
    • make sure that the Social Systems Project, under its aegis tries to:
      • help people consider the strength or suitability of their social connections:
        • How compatible are you with your spouse or lover?
        • How happy are you with your job?  Will it continue to suit you?
        • How friendly are you with your neighbors?
      • help people understand that society would work better for each and every one of them if:
  • Seek to create or work with other non-profit organizations attempting the make the world better


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