Please Help

This website is for a non-profit organization which must be created to manage the project simply known as Making Society Work.  It is in a sense part of the Social Systems Project, as you will see, but in another sense is more inclusive, since it involves such things as migration planning as well.  There is a real need for help with all of this.

If you are willing to help in any way, here’s how:

  • register on this website or a related one, using a nickname to obscure your identity — your email address will never be made public
  • make a comment on any of these pages or posts, indicating your willingness to help
  • you will be contacted by email at the address you gave on registration
  • discuss your possible involvement by exchanging messages

If this doesn’t work, probably your comment did not make it past our rather aggressive spam filter.  In that case, send an email to Doug (at) — you may do that anyway, even if you are unwilling to register or post a comment.  The advantage of registering is that you may sign up to receive email copies of new posts.

If you are not willing to do this, please consider at least helping to advertise this project by posting links to the project or organization websites on your social media  —  I recommend the Facebook Share Button as an easy way of doing this.

Though money will obviously be important, donations will not be accepted until there is a recognized legal entity to accept them, but volunteer help would be eagerly welcomed.  Of especial importance would be people will to help advertise the project.

Please see also the Volunteer Help Wanted page on the main Making Society Work website.