This is a Serious Matter — Please Help

As discussed in my post on the possible benefits and extreme dangers of the new software, this is a very serious matter, which must be addressed.  As far as I foresee, the only solution to either exploiting the potential for good or combating the use of it for evil is a non-profit organization to manage a dedicated project to work on these matters.  I’ve tried various ways to accomplish this myself, but it is beyond the scope of one man.  We must create a real project to do the work and a real organization to manage it.  Please help.

I am not soliciting donations at the present time and will not accept them.  That will be a matter for new administrative personnel.  Please join us and be one of them.



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New Tool can Make Society Work or Destroy It

The most recent tool for use in Social Technology is Recursive Exhaustion, which can be used for the very large scale collection of social data.  This data can (and will) be collected automatically without people’s knowledge or permission.  It can collect information on people who do not use computers.  It can collect information on people whose friends and family do not us computers.

On the one hand, this could be a very good thing.  Having a lot of information about poor people or refugees in distant countries could make it possible to direct governmental and non-governmental aid to the most needy without delay.  It could also be used for all the other worthy goals discussed on these websites.  On the other hand there would be a complete loss of privacy.  Individuals would be wide open to blackmail and intimidation.

I hope that this is not already being done.  It is almost impossible to stop except by using it under extreme legal conditions to find the people abusing it.

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Please Help

Help is needed in the creation of the non-profit organization described here.

At least as important is some form of advertising.  People need to know that this project exists.

Donations will not be accepted until the non-profit organization has been created and the appropriate mechanism for keeping track of the funds and dispersing them has been set up.  I am completely unqualified for this and want no part of it.

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